How To Unroot Android 2017


How To Unroot Android 2017 : Rooting android is the most trending topic among Android users these day. Rooting android is a very easy task you can easily root android without pc and also you can root with PC. The act of rooting is similar to yourself giving administrator privileges ( as in your windows OS). You gain access to root directory in system partition. In other words you gain total control on your device. You may be familiar with Windows OS on your PC, so with windows or Linux OS you have got guest user and an administrator. On your android device that you get out of the box the android OS comes only with guest user privileges and all the restrictions of it. To gain access to administrator privileges and access system folder on your android device you need to root and this act is called ROOTING.

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But the main disadvantage of rooting is that you will lose you device’s warranty which means that service center will not responsible for any related to your device. Another disadvantage is that security. Many third party root apps are malware can created several problem related to your device. Some apps installs spyware on your device. So in order to protected your device just install best android antivirus. So, that way to get rid of these problems just unroot your device. Just follow below guide on How To Unroot Android :

How To Unroot Android 2017

How To Unroot Android 2016

How To Unroot Android 2017

Check out below working methods to unroot any android device in 2017.

#1. Unroot Android Using – SuperSU

SuperSu is the app which get installed on your android when you root it. If it is not installed on your device then you can easily download it from play store and install on you device after root.

Step 1 : Download SuperSU from play store.

Step 2 : Now just open the SuperSU app and grant it root permission if it ask for it.

Step 3 : Now after opening the app just go to setting.

Step 4 : There will be option of Full unroot just select it to unroot android.

Step 5 : Now your device will be unrooted now just uninstall the SuperSu app if it is present on you device.

That’s it you have successfully done on How to unroot android.

#2. Unroot Android Using Framaroot

Framaroot is app which is used to root android without pc. But you can also unroot android with this app without using pc.

Step 1 : Just download the framaroot app on you device.

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Step 2 : Now just move the downloaded apk to the phone’s internal memory.

Step 3 : Now in order to install third party apps on your android device just Go to Setting -> Security -> tap on “unknown source”.

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Step 4 : Open the app and select the unroot option.

Step 5 : After this your device will be reboot and device will be unrooted.

#3. Unroot Android Using OTA RootKeeper

This is the another app to unroot your android device easily just in one tap. you can download this app free from play store.

Step 1 : First of all download OTA RootKeeper on your device and install it.

Step 2 : Now just open the app and tap on Temp.un-root to temporarily unroot your device.

Step 3 : After this just tap on delete su backup to permanently unroot your android device.


So, guys this is all about on how to unroot android 2017. I hope now you can easily unroot you android device with above methods. If are facing any problem or know some another way to unroot android device then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!


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