How To Make Your Computer Faster


How To Make Your Computer Faster : In this era of technology every single person is having personal computers. One can’t even imagine his life without computer. Everything that we do is mostly dependent on computer. From studies to entertainment, messaging everything is done on computers. But most of you must have experienced that after certain time the speed of computer slows down. Even computers with faster processor tend to slow down after a period of time. But did this means that you have to replace your computer with a new one?? Wait.!!!!! If you are facing the same problem and are thinking of replacement then spent some time reading this post. I am sure you might change your mind after that.

How To Make Your Computer Faster 2017

How To Make Your Computer Faster 2016

How To Make Your Computer Faster 2017

Well guys before making any changes to your computer I recommend to backup your device so that your important data is saved .

#1 Check your hard drive

 Whenever we use computer and uses various applications like player, internet the hard disk space where OS is install start filling up. We need to have a look on it because as per rules if the hard disk space is less then 15% then you need to empty the space of the hard disk. For checking the space on hard drive go to

My computer > right click on local drive(where OS is installed) > properties

Then you will see a pie chart showing you the amount of disk filled. IF space left is below critical level then uninstall some programs or buy a new SSD hard drives.

#2  Uninstall unwanted software

All the new PC’s comes up with a load of programs that we generally don’t use in our daily routine. Sometimes we ourselves install the software that are required at that time but we don’t use them in future. These programs occupies the space in computer memory and if running in background they even consume the main memory(RAM). Thus making the computer slow. So peeps uninstall all those unwanted programs from your computer. For uninstalling go to:

Control Panel > Add and remove programs.

How To Make Your Computer Faster 2016

How  To Make Your Computer Faster 2017

#3 Remove temporary files

Whenever we browse internet some temporary files are saved on our computer. Not only by browsing application like games also can create temporary files. These are those files which are not of an use to OS. But these files unnecessarily occupy space in hard drive. You need to clear these files with the help of disk cleanup tool that is available. For using that simply open control panel and search disk cleanup. Then you will finf application and it will ask you to select the drive for cleaning. After carefully selecting the files to be cleaned click clean button.

#4 Prevent unnecessary programs from starting while booting

Sometimes when we install some programs they automatically starts u every time we boot our machine without our knowledge. These programs runs in the background thus consuming memory and resources which maybe required by some other process thus slowing down the computer. For the list of all the programs that starts automatically during boot. Go to

Run > type msconfig > click on startup

There you can enable or disable the startup applications.

#5 Disk defragmentation

Over a time hard drive become fragmented with hundred of files that are broken in many locations. Thus due to this it becomes difficult or time consuming to access the information therefore slowing down the computer’s response time. We can solve the problem of fragmentation by using disk defragfmenter tool that can be accessed by going to

My computer > right click on disk drive(that you want to fragment) >properties > tools> defragment now.

How To Make Your Computer Faster 2016

How To Make Your Computer Faster

#6 Remove unnecessary entries from context menu

Context menu is that which shows up whenever we click right click something. There are some context items already but some get added according with time. To remove these go to

run > type regedit .    After that click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > * > shellex >ContextMenuHandler and remove unwanted items.

WARNING : Be careful while editing anything using registry editor.

#7 Check for viruses

Sometimes unwanted programs ,malwares. spyware, viruses etc that runs in the background consumes memory and unnecessarily holds up the resources that should be used by other programs. You need to take a look at them by installing a good antivirus program on your device and regurlarly scan your computer with it.

#8 Disable visual effects

Visual effects can also have an adverse effect on the performance of computer. Turn off these visual effect to increase the performance. There are 20 visual effects that can be turned on and off. For that go to

control panel > advance system settings > select the bullet saying adjust for best performance.

#9 Change power plan

Power plan of the system can also help to increase in performance of computer system. By default a balanced power plan is chosen you can change it to high performance by going to

control panel > power options

#10 Increase RAM

If all the above methods doesn’t work then you can increase the memory of RAM by adding more RAM into the second slot that is available or by replacing the existing RAM with new one having more memory.

So, guys this is all about on “How To Make Your Computer Faster“. These were some of the very easy methods to increase the performance and speed up computer. Hope these benefits you. If you are having any problem trying these do mention in comment. Share this post with your friends too.!!!


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