How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification


As everybody knows that Microsoft is giving free update of windows 10 to the user of Windows 7,8 and 8.1 Last month many users got the notification for the windows 10 update. With the notification you can reserve your free upgrade. But some users did not got the notification to update windows. The reason may be that they are not using genuine copy of windows. But some users which are using genuine copy of windows also did not get the notification. So, here in this post i’m going to explain you how to get windows 10 update notification on genuine only. Before going to tutorial i’m going to share some features of windows 10.

Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 comes up with a lots of new features and with several new improved security features for the users. The start menu is also returned in windows 10 which was absent in the previous version of windows. In the new start menu you will see it along tiles with in it. Microsoft also introduced new browser in windows 10 that is Microsoft Edge. Also a new feature called “Cortana” which is very good and impressive. The calender app, photos,music player and much more new features in windows 10. You can check below windows 10 video showing its features :

How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification

Note : Make sure that the version of windows you are running and up to date. If your current windows is not updated then you will not get the update.

Step 1 : First of download the zip file and extract it.

Click here to download 

Step 2 : After extracting  the file from the compressed folder you will see a windows batch file win10fix_full.

Step 3 : Now just right click on the file and  select Run as administrator and then a pop up appears on the screen then just click the Run button.

Step 4 : Now the file will run in command prompt as below show :

How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification

How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification

Step 5 : Just press any key to continue running this file.

Step 6 : Now a menu will appears on the screen.

How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification

How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification

Step 7 : Type the menu no. in the command prompt. eg. enter “1” without quotes.

Note : If option 1 does try 2,3 and 4 because on some computer option 1 works on other option 2,3 or 4.

Step 8 : You are done you got windows 10 update notification in the notification center.

NOTE : If you want to install manually windows 10 then you have to download windows 10. For this you can check our recent post on Windows 10 free download full version.

So, guys this is all about “How To Get Windows 10 Update Notification” I hope with above method you will be able to get the notification of windows 10 update. Do share this post with your friends !!


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