Error 905 Play Store 2017


Error 905 Play Store : Android is one of best and most widely used mobile operating system. It is famous due to freedom of customization and tons of free apps available for download. The android contains Play Store it is the app which contains tons of games, apps , themes, launchers etc. which are available to download. Some of them are paid ones and others are free. The android users can download and install millions of apps from the Play Store in their Android device. Sometimes when you try to download the apps from play store you face many errors or problems play store shows these errors when you try to download or install the apps, depending on the hardware, software or the network of your device. One of most common error is “Error 905” which is faced by many users. so here I’m sharing some working ways to fix this error 905 play store.

Error 905 Play Store 2017

Error 905 Play Store

Error 905 Play Store

This error generally occurs due some corrupted google play store apk  update cache files. The error code 905 play store occurs when you try to download any app or big apps from play store. It shows you message like “App” could not be downloaded due to an error (905). This error occurs in not only mid range devices but also in high end android phone and tablets. Most of users face these error when they try to download Facebook, Instragram, Skype, WhatsApp and big games like GTA vice city, Modern combat 3 etc from the Google Play Store.

Fix Error 905 Play Store

Below are the 3 methods by which you can fix error 905 easily !!

Method 1 : Fix Error 905 By Uninstalling Updates from Google Play Store App

Step 1 : First of all Go to Settings > Apps > And Scroll down till you find “Google Play Store”.

Step 2 : Now select Select Google Play Store app and then just select “Uninstall updates”.
That’s it now just restart you device and you not face error 905 again while downloading apps from play store.

If above method does not works for you then just try the below method !!

Method 2 : Fix Error 905 By Keeping Screen On During App Download

The another way to fix error 905 is by keeping on the device while downloading the apps from play store. Usually the phone locks up automatically when you are longer using it. You can change the settings so that your device do not sleep automatically. Follow below steps to do this :

Step 1 : For this just go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout > Keep screen turned on.

Step 2 : Now just set the maximum value for screen timeout.

Step 3 : Again open Google Play Store and then try to download that app which was causing error 905 problem.

Method  3 : Fix Error 905 By Close Background Running Apps

In order to use this method just follow the below steps :

Step 1 : Just close all the running apps for this Go to Settings > Apps > Running.

Step 2 : Now you have to check all the apps and select the app that are taking too much RAM and stop it.

Step 3 : Now just open Google Play Store and retry to download, install or update that app on which error 905 was showing !

So, guys this is all about on how to fix error 905 play store 2017. I hope now you can easily fix error 905 with above methods. If you are still facing the error or know some method to get rid of this error then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!


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